1. 1.
    the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
    synonyms: emotional release, relief, release, venting;
Welcome to my blog – or my creative virtual space as I like to refer to it.
I want to start out by first explaining the name of my blog – I admit, it’s a tad bizarre. Blog names are so important, they are the face of your blog and thereby – you, before anyone decides to explore. When I decided to start blogging (longgggg ago, only to sit on the idea for a couple years before launching) I knew my name was going to have to stand out. You think of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Songs of Style or perhaps Bag Snob as these iconic names that roll off the tongue for users interested in fashion and lifestyle blogs. Their names have become such a large part of their identity and online presence. Without giving it too much attention, one day the word ‘catharsis’ just popped into my head and Creative Catharsis was coined. It was perfect and everything I wanted the blog to be – an emotional release for me and my readers.
I was first introduced to the concept of ‘catharsis’ years ago during my academic study and practice of Theatre; it has since been a powerful tool in my artistic expression and works. We all need that emotional release from time to time; for some that may be brought on by literary escape, for others it may be a musical outlet – for me it has always been the scope of the Arts. Now I use the term art in the broadest sense – from the musicals and drama classes that brought me from Elementary School to High School – to the Directing workshops and Dramaturgy studies of my post-secondary academic pursuit – to the endless fashion shows and collections I consume on a regular basis – to the mere act of writing or conversing – I am captivated by art. So much broader than a painting or sculpture – art encapsulates every measure of creativity we express to the world.
I want for this blog to be the measure of my creativity through the avenues of style and the written word. I hope readers will be encouraged, inspired or perhaps provoked. All that I ask is that you allow yourself to respond emotionally – however simple or complex the response may be. Whether it’s a mere smile or an earnest look of dismay – RESPOND. Engage your emotions. I, on the reciprocal, am so excited to share the things that excite, inspire, and challenge me!
So here’s to a space where I can express thought, passion and conviction.
A space of cathartic release.

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