Natural Deodorant – does it actually work?

Hello Beauties,

Okay so I am always there for trying a new wellness / natural product and when it comes to deodorants I have tried my fair share. Some great and others… that still have lots of room for improvement.

I have been successfully using a Saje crystal-based liquid deodorant but after hearing many great reviews about Native I decided to give it a whirl – or a swipe! (Okay I promise I won’t try to make another deodorant joke)

I must say I was quite impressed with the range of fragrances with everything from Rosé to Coconut Native deodorant does not leave you wanting. But does it work???…….

I can honestly say that it was extremely long-lasting and I would (and have) recommend it!

My only criticism is that I found it a bit gritty and rough because of the baking soda – and that unpleasant residue/ buildup that’s left on your clothing.

I bought the sample pack so I have a lottttt which I’ll prolly end up giving away and go back to my Saje spray!

Here’s hoping Saje creates more fragrances or Native formulates a spray!

What do you think? Natural deodorant or stick to Dove?

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