.silent seasons

Hello beautiful humans,

WARNING: this post goes a bit below the surface.

Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing with me on this journey. That said, I have never wanted this to be a monologue – so if you are reading this please comment below, share this post, or at the very least call up a friend and let’s start a conversation about what’s really going on.


The title of this post was inspired by a book I read titled ‘Silent Seasons‘ – if you have not heard of Heather Lindsey I strongly recommend following her journey because she is an amazing speaker and you will be blessed by her ministry. [that was just for free…]

This book really did bless me during a time I truly didn’t understand where God was taking me but I had to learn to trust him anyways. In my last post .this is 26 I wrote about how today’s hardships are preparing you for tomorrow’s battle. I think I wrote it somewhat flippantly not fully recognizing that the doors I prayed to be opened would walk me into new trials.


A little background:
After finishing my post-grad I endured what seemed to be an endless job-hunt. Stressed – sad – and tired I began to lose hope and became extremely discouraged. I was confused not knowing whether I should go back home or keep trying. Each time I wanted throw in the towel [which was many times for the record] God would use someone to speak into my life and encourage me. Whether it was a conversation over coffee, a comment made in passing or a word spoken into my life during a powerful altar service – there was a recurring theme that God would walk my out of whatever situation he walked me into.

I just needed to trust Him.


Fast forward a few [long-character-building] months and by the grace of God I was able to secure an opportunity in my field. I thought this meant that my silent season was over. Spring was dawning, it was time to turn the chapter and enjoy my season of blessing! WRONG.

I have always been a relatively out-going and extraverted individual – I don’t walk into a room and command all attention, but I also don’t shy away from groups and hide myself in the corner. I am somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes.

In the last little while my free time has not been filled spending time with friends – instead I have found myself alone a good portion of the time. I know for some that sounds like a dream but for me it was [is] agony. But God has used this dry-spell remind me that He wants to fill that void. Often times we look for people or entertainment to fill voids that God is seeking to fill. We have time to do everything else – but often fall short of carving out time to seclude ourselves and commune with our maker.



I said all of that to say this – your silent season is OKAY. It’s not forever. Every moment in life will not be running road and travelling with your besties – and that’s okay. Sometimes God is calling you away into seclusion know Him better. If you’ve prayed for God to reveal Himself to you don’t be surprised when you find yourself in a place where all you have is Him. Use that time to strengthen your walk with God.

Because in the silent season, when you feel alone – know that God in pouring His anointing over your life – ministry is budding – your calling is sprouting and greater things are coming. 

.faint not

4 thoughts on “.silent seasons

  1. I love your transparency! Your post definetly reminded me of one of my silent seasons. Initially, the silence felt unbearable and I would go “noise hunting”(literally).Once I embraced the process, my relationship with God changed for the better.He taught me to recognize His voice, His advices, His warnings, His guidance, His encouragements… Whatever I used to rely on to feel at peace or to experience joy was replaced by something much better… Him!

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