.this is 26

but just like life,
i rise.

It’s said that the rain falls on the just and the unjust – and when it rains – it falls.
As much as we try to avoid tests and trials, it’s in those moments that our faith can be made strong. When we are overwhelmed by the complexities of life, it’s then that we truly look to God to give the increase. Without rain, flowers would never grow. Similarly, without your trials and tribulation how can you expect to blossom into everything you’re meant to become?

Every hardship and every struggle is strengthening and preparing you for all that you’ve asked for. Think of the things you have prayed about or willed for your life, your goals, your ambitions – is your character strong enough to withstand the expectations and demands? Hardship is present in every stage of life, you don’t just wake up one day and get to coast along for the rest of your life. Understand that today’s adversity is preparing you for tomorrow’s battle.


Three years ago I found out I had a benign tumour that was pressing on my brain stem; my neurologist told me if I did not operate, within three years I would have permanent brain damage. Imagine that – 23 years young and receiving a diagnosis that will either leave you deaf or brain dead. Thankfully that was not the will of God for my life and I can say that here I am 26 and I am neither of the two. I had my craniotomy and by the abundant grace of God my hearing was spared. The point is, three years ago I thought I had faced my greatest trial – yet here I am, new challenges – new trials.


The rain will fall – but an elder from church reminded me that our late Bishop Bro. Stevenson would always say,
The sun is still shining behind the clouds.


A brighter day will come – and when it does, enjoy and bask in it knowing that you’ve conquered another chapter. Just know that over in the distance the storm clouds are brewing to push you into the next chapter of your life.

Will it hurt? 
Is it uncomfortable?

But then, how bad do you want it?
.this is 26


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