perfectly imperfect 

Hello Beautiful People,

I’m not going to try and sugarcoat this…


Lately I have watched as life has literally taken me on a roller coaster. I have had great days where I’ve felt that everything is working out in my favour and then I’ve had really awful days where I have watched as doors have closed and opportunities have crumbled before me.


In life we set expectations for ourselves and even if they are reasonable we can get so locked into our step by step plan that we are completely rattled when things don’t go our way. I feel like I have always declared “learn to love the process” as my personal mantra – but I’m not sure how much I bought into it…

The reality is my life is far from perfect right now and I’m through sugarcoating it. These days when someone asks me how I’m doing I don’t say “fine”. No, fine is easy – I’m through with easy.

How am I doing? 

I’m confused – frustrated – worried – scared – disappointed – stressed and TIRED. I’m a lot of things; but I’m definitely not fine. 

So if that’s too much information, sorry, you should not have asked.


I wanted to share these photos that I took at Strawberry Hill in Jamaica. I wanted to share them because when I first looked at them I hated them. My nose looked too broad…my weave wasn’t right…I looked fat…and the list goes on. (Nothing has changed btw I still have the same sentiments.)  We are so quick to share our best moments and I’m not just talking about social media. When asked how we are doing we’re all “fine” or “good” giving this perception that we’ve got everything together.


So I’m sharing these photos because of what they represent – imperfection. Aside from the scenic ones, let’s be honest most of them just miss the mark and that’s okay! I did capture some great moments at Strawberry Hill and I’m sure I’ll share them eventually but that’s not the point of this post.


I have been giving some thought to my so-called mantra and I think there needs to be a tweak. I’m through trying to love the process – instead I just want to love the creator of the process. Because when you love the Creator you trust Him too – and you trust that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God.


So my 3 pieces of advice:

1. Seek ye first the Kingdom 

2. Stop trying to be self-made and let yourself be GOD-MADE

3. Take the phrase “I’m fine” out of your vocabulary. Be open and honest – no one expects you to be perfect


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