Hello beautiful humans,

First off – STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING – have you taken the time to recognize your accomplishments today? Self-awareness has become more and more important to me lately. It is equally vital to celebrate our little victories as it is to identify our opportunities, as we work toward personal goals.

Now that that’s out of the way….
I’d like to address my outright negligence toward the blog for the last few months. I recently completed a fast-track post-graduate program that had me nearing insanity by the end of it. While I am really glad I took the program, and I’m happy to have accomplished all that I did – boy am I glad it’s done. Eight courses in one semester is no joke, I’ll tell you that much. All that to say, my priorities were…elsewhere!

I shot this look on Easter Sunday – just because I was not on social, doesn’t mean I wasn’t slaying!


I have also been off the radar where social media is concerned for about a month now! At the end of the semester, I decided to do a social media cleanse. This is something I like to do every now and then just to reset. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see social media as the demise of our society. I just wrapped a post-grad in Corporate Communications and Public Relations – social media is in many ways an essential method of communication and I won’t be getting rid of my accounts any time soon.


That said, I think social media can be a serious distraction pulling us away from what we ought to be focussed on and, we can often use these resourceful tools as a crutch.  There’s no need to convince anyone that social media has become a distraction for many. We can all identify with endless scrolling only to realize you’ve been trolling Pinterest, IG or whatever for 10 minutes. (10 min…that’s me trying to give you the benefit of the doubt – *sips tea*) There are so many other great things we can fill that time with. Let’s not even look at the obvious things – yes, go read your bible, do a devotion or go workout – that’s the obvious.

How about, in the time that you spent repinning – you could have actually prepared one of the hundreds of recipes on your cooking board.
Or in the time spent scrolling through IG, creeping that one influencer who is always going to the cutest little cafes – you could have been captivated by a good read while you sipped on a chai tea latte at a new-found coffee-shop.
Or how about this one… instead of scrolling through Facebook to see what Dick said Tom did to Harry – you could have called up the gang and, I don’t know actually spent time together.

SHOCKER – I know. Who knew there were so many alternatives?

So my other challenge with my personal social media use is preventing it from becoming a crutch. It is SO easy to use it as a filler in “uncomfortable” interactions. You know those times when you feel that you have exhausted small-talk with someone, so you casually pull out your phone and start scrolling. Yeah, well us old-school folk would call that making conversation!
Rattling – I know! I bet you did not think your mind was going to be blown today…

We are all different, but I think it’s so important to break-away from bad habits, refocus and be intentional in our daily lives.
So I challenge you – UNPLUG.


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