Summer-End Bucket List

Hello Beautiful Humans!

Can you believe Summer ’16 is almost over? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was planning my summer excursions and adventures. It’s been an enjoyable summer but there are still fun things I want to do before the days get shorter and the nights colder! I read a great post on Ivanka Trump  that inspired me to make my own end of summer bucket list. I have already done some of the activities on the list; but I thought they were super fun suggestions worth sharing! What are your end of summer plans? Pick a few things to do from the list and enjoy.

Host a Themed Dinner Party
If you know me, you know I love hosting a good dinner party. Any theme suggestions are welcome in the comment box below!

Go Farm-Hopping
If you have been following along with me, you know that I have gone cafe-hopping before; but what about farm-hopping? Last weekend my family and I went to Almonte for a pig roast, (completely out of character for me, I’m aware) so we did a little farm-hopping for ourselves. We stumbled upon 3 farms and saw a bunch of animals who sadly, were less thrilled to see me than I was to see them. Legit – the horses were awkwardly running away from me, and were I close enough the emu, she probably would have picked my face off with her beak.


Go on a Hike
The Gatineau Park is a stone throw away from downtown Ottawa.

Have a Picnic
Pack your basket full of your favourite treats and get picnicking!

Go Kayaking
Find a local lake or river and enjoy a peaceful paddle ride on the water.

Get Local
Take advantage of a local Farmer’s Market and cook an entirely local meal!

Go to a Drive-In Movie
Find out what’s playing nearby – don’t forget the popcorn!

Don’t waste these last few weeks of summer – enjoy them to the fullest!



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