July Précis

Hi Beauties!

I did it – I conquered No Buy July! Aside from the yellow stilettos incident at Zara, I did really well! Secret was to avoid the mall at ALL costs. I’m sure there are dozens of things I’d convince myself were essential were I frequenting the mall – so in this case ignorance was bliss! No Buy July was meant to have two objectives; the first quite obvious and the second to enjoy more experiences. Somehow July ended up being quite a busy month and I did not get out as much as I would have liked, but I made the most of the time I did have!

Between BBQ’s, Gelato outings, Toronto trips, foodie touring and church retreats in Prince Edward County – I’d say it was a pretty solid month! If you are in Ottawa, be sure to check out Mantovani for delicious authentic Italian gelato! The coconut is a personal favourite, if nothing else go to see adorabbbble decor. I went at night so I did not snap any pics but I will certainly be back! I FINALLY went to PURE Kitchen after hearing so much about the gourmet vegetarian spot.  I can now say that it lived up to the hype; my buffalo cauliflower wrap was amazing! While in Toronto I caught up with friends and… drumroll please went to the CN Tower for the first time! I’ve been visiting Toronto since I was months old, and somehow never got the CN Tower experience. Now that I have, can I refer to the GTA as ‘the 6’? Do I have that street cred now? To roundup a fun filled month, I spent the long weekend in Prince Edward County restoring my soul. It was so nice to get out of the city, catch up with old friends, turn off my phone and enjoy the spiritual restoration. All in all it was a great month – I was not missing anything!

I kicked off No Buy July with this awfully patriotic outfit – it was the day after Canada Day so it was completely justified! IMG_0486IMG_0525IMG_0534IMG_0559

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