i cheated…

Shirt: Joe Fresh Skirt: Zara Shoes: Spring Shades: Gap Bag: Kate Spade

Hello Beauties,

I will be honest with you – a few days into No Buy July I cheated… There I was at Zara with my mom and the yellow stillettos were just calling my name. I simply couldn’t deny them. So I did not exactly cheat, I sort of kinda asked my mom to buy them for me instead… It seemed like the only reasonable option really. Who makes a declaration to not buy anything during the Zara mid-season sale anyways. Well I tried folks, and beside that minor misdemeanour I have been really good!

In terms of experiences – I had the chance to head out to Prince Edward County for my church’s annual camp meetings. It is always so peaceful and relaxing being on the campgrounds with family. We spent an afternoon at the beach and as usual the services were phenomenal.

Looking forward to my next adventure! Check out these shots from my day of lunching in Westboro! Maybe my next stop should be actually eating at Strawberry Blonde Bakery – as opposed to just using their wall…


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