No Buy July


Well Beauties,

I am endeavoring to take on a most challenging fete – NO BUY JULY. Over what’s left of July I will attempt to withstand temptation, dodge the shopping centers and refrain from shopping. To some that may sound like a regular day but to most of us style enthusiasts it’s near impossible.

With a minimalist ideology taking rise everywhere from our closets to our cooking; I’ve decided to try my hand at minimalist living, if even just for a month. I am challenging myself to collect less things and more experiences! Summer 2016 will be all about the new foods, new culture, and new fun. Now of course I will still have to purchase some essentials here and there but I am trying to limit what I consider essential. For example, if today were June 30 I would definitely say a trip to Zara for the Semi-Annual Sale was essential. But it’s July now, so I will have none of it… plus I may or may not have went a little e-shopping crazy two weeks ago, in anticipation of the NO BUY JULY.
Baby steps?



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