thoughtful thursdays

Hello Beauties!

This summer I have aimed to see as much of my city as I possibly can. I have lived here all my life and yet I have probably only frequented 1/3 of the city! This Thursday, my girls and I decided to take girls night to the Museum of Nature – after TACOS at El Camino of course. If you live in Ottawa and you have never been to El Camino – what are you really doing with your life? The tacos are delish, the prices are fair, and the vibe is on 10! Worth checking out – just make sure you are prepared you wait for a table because it’s a Centretown  hotspot. (Or consider the Take-Out Window!) After tacos and churros it was off to the museum! Not many photos of the exhibits as I was Snapchatting the experience – woops! Oh well, I guess you will have to go for yourself.

fun fact no.1: Ottawa Museums are free on Thursday night! #EDUCATEYOSELF

fun fact no.2: Growing up, my favourite dino was the Triceratops, because I loved Cera from Land Before Time!

fun fact no.3: These studded sandals are fast becoming my shoe of the summer! Good old The Bay Outlet!



FullSizeRender 3

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