bright whites

Shades:Nordstrom Shirt:Zara Vest:Winners Handbag:KateSpadeNY Skirt:Winners Shoes:Spring Watch:MichaelKors

Hi Beauties,

We are finally shaking off the cold here in the capital city, and welcoming warmer days! I decided to break free from my typical beloved dark attire and step into something a little brighter for Spring. I know it’s all still very monochromatic, but I feel as though I am making progress. I think for the month of May I am going to challenge myself to wear at least 5 colourful outfits. Daunting I know, but if you are anything like me and avoid bright colours as much as possible – join the challenge with me! #maybrights

I initially wanted to wear a white skirt along with this vest – but I love the way the bone colour contrasted with the starch white and tied in the grey and silver. You know what they say – all’s well that end’s well!



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