the woman I wanted to be…


Hello Beautiful People, 

If you have not yet read Diane Von Furstenberg’s terrific book – what are you waiting on? In the autobiography DVF reflects on her journey to uncover the woman she wanted to be. DVF has long been one of my icons in the fashion world because of her down-to-earth outlook and passion for women empowerment. While Diane isn’t necessarily the woman I want to be, I do admire her independence and pursuit as the self-made woman

I find life can get so busy and if we don’t take time to deliberately set goals and go after them, we can find ourselves going through the same routines day by day with little change or progression. If you are at a cross in the road – unsure of where to turn next, try to determine the woman you want to be. While you may not be able to pin down all your future goals in terms of ministry, relationships and career [MRC] – establishing a list of character traits you want to bring to the world will also help put you on the right path to uncovering your journey. You will notice that even though you have not made any revolutionary discoveries, if you make decisions with your list in mind you become more aligned with the person you set out to be. It sounds like a no-brainer, because it is! Sometimes it just helps to write things down and actively pursue your goals. 

In light of International Women’s Day – I will leave you with a quote from yet another one of my fashion icons. 

There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know that you want and you make it yourself.
– Diana Vreeland


Shoes:Zara  Handbag:Nordstrom  Lapel:Aldo  Belt:Vintage  Shirt:Bershka

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