A case of the travel bug…

Hi Beauties,

So it’s been nearly 3 years since my last major travel and the itch to hop on a plane and trod across the globe is coming on strong. I recently discovered American travel blogger, Gloria, the beauty behind The Abroad Blog. In an article she wrote for The Huffington Post she touches the surface of her views toward people who question her ability to travel. It was a very interesting read and I am excited to read her new e-book publication regarding her travel insights. 

After reading a few of her blog posts I got to thinking – why am I not travelling more? What are the factors holding me back?  Finance is the number one setback but I am sure with a few lifestyle stages this setback could be reversed. Another setback seems to be finding a travel buddy. For some people travelling solo is the most enriching experience – and they can and will often tell you how they discover themselves as they discover the world. I’m happy for you fam; but I am not there yet. I don’t mind a day of solo discovery but typically I like me a wingman. Perhaps one day I will see the unprecedented value in solo travel but for now – I just want to travel the globe with my homies.  Now I feel like many people like to think they like travelling but when push comes to shove many value the small luxuries of their daily life too much to make cutbacks in exchange for cultural engagement. Now all power to these types of people! They are the ones getting their lives, careers, families – you know, the ones fully invested in ‘cuffing season’. Personally, I don’t know that I am ready to fully begin adulting. Don’t get me wrong, I am not out here puttering around waiting for life to happen to me; but I do feel that I have too often been guilty of trying to rush through my 20’s. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to enjoy every single moment of freedom I have left. 

I may not be able to make any global travels for the remainder of the year as I just spent two weeks in Jamaica over the holidays and plan to return in May. However I will definitely begin making plans toward international globe trotting in 2017!
In the mean time – allow me to reminisce and share some of the chronicles of my previous Euro-travels!

Can you guess which 3 cities I visited…. 

IMG_1507IMG_1559Sailing down la Seine!IMG_2420IMG_2488IMG_2631IMG_2770IMG_2951

3 thoughts on “A case of the travel bug…

  1. I know exactly how you feel! Some people I know say they love traveling and flying alone because they don’t get held back by others. But I love myself a travel buddy! Great read 💗 hope you’ll get to travel soon! ☺


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