strong enough to bear the children

Hello Beauties! 

So I went cafe hopping at Lansdowne with a friend; we had some rich treats and drinks and even richer conversation. As two career-driven and God fearing women in our 20’s we both expressed how distasteful it is when women envy one another. Instead of encouraging our sisters, or at the very least advancing ourselves – too many women seem to be satisfied with being salty on the sidelines. Now, if you have been guilty of this don’t worry there’s hope yet.
First off, STOP  comparing yourself to others! You are your own person – you bring your unique offerings to the world. 
Second – know the difference between inspiration and competition. You should definitely surround yourself with women who inspire you but remember they are NOT your competitors. I for one did not sign up for any such race… 
Lastly, GET OFF THE SIDELINES. Take control of your life, if you aren’t happy with your position in life then do something about it. Determine the woman you want be and BE her. 

Whatever you do, however you do it just stop envying your sister – stay above the petty. 

But they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.
2 Corinthians 10:12


Scarf: Zara, Sweater: Gap, Glasses: Zara, Gloves: Winners

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