t h a n k f u l

Hi Beauties!

It’s that time of year again – when the leaves change colour, knits and boots come back on the forefront and we stuff ourselves to capacity with turkey and pie. We Canadians like to call it – Thanksgiving. My family has been blessed with terrific cooks so needless to say we never go without during this holiday. After stuffing ourselves, (often more thoroughly than we’ve stuffed the turkey) my family has made it tradition to go hiking in the Gatineau Hills. It’s become such a treat that I have tried to convince my family to make the hike more than just an annual occasion but my efforts have been to no avail, so I just settle for our yearly climb. This year was a bit different – after undergoing a craniotomy less than 3 weeks ago hiking was out of the question for me. It was a bit disappointing since I wait all year for this trek. My brilliant cousin, unwilling to let the tradition go astray thought of the brilliant idea to get up the mountain on a ski lift! So while we may not have worked off the turkey dinner we still got to observe the enchanting park from the peak of the mountain!

IMG_8764IMG_8808 IMG_8801 IMG_8796 IMG_8779 IMG_8771 Hat: Forever21
Glasses: Nordstrom
Sweater: Free People
Crossbody: Coach
Skirt: Walmart
Boots: Zara

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