if everything is dipped in gold-honey it will never grow

Hi Beauties.

It’s been a while – all I can say is busy times. I actually started drafting this post about a month ago – just coming back to it now…

So many times in life we wish and pray life will get easier – that we too will have the silver-spoon experience. Seeing everything at it’s best through the media’s eye has us wanting more for less work. Granted some people are born with that silver-spoon; but most have to work hard for that spoon. How childish is it for us to think that we deserve that spoon for just being.

Top: Gap Skirt: Zara Tights: Forever21 Shoes: Zara Bag: Kate Spade NY Watch: Michael Kors

Our struggle is what defines us – during hard times we are able to be hewed and moulded and beyond that, we are able to grow. Staying in a comfort zone where everything is easy we limit ourselves from what God has in store for our lives. In adversity – we find ourselves in a state of vulnerability – I have learned so much in that state of adversity.  IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3058 IMG_3063 IMG_3077

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