i’ll never be trendy.

Hello Beauties!

I finally have a day off! We give thanks. I had such high hopes for today… early morning workout what!? Try, sleep in until 10… Oh well, sometimes we need our rest! So in efforts to make the most of the remaining day I figured a blogpost (hopefully a few) was in good order.

A number of things have been on my mind lately – with the continuation of the “black lives matter” movement storming social media and a few other personal occurrences have got me thinking. Also as Christmas and MY BIRTHDAY are fast approaching … I was thinking to put together a little Wish-list / oops-I-already-bought-them-list. What? BLACKFRIDAY was good to me! I suppose those types of lists are called hauls? I am clearly new to this…
Anyways, I digress… but look out for a few posts to come!


I have never been the type to be super dogmatic about trends or fashion rules. I may follow them subconsciously many times because it’s just natural. Trends are basically forced on us each season as stores put out their seasonal collections – and thereby we follow trends because that’s what is provided to us. As far as fashion rules… somethings just don’t make sense – so, don’t do them. Like, it’s pretty straight forward. My outfit on Sunday reinforced how classically untrendy  I am. How do you feel about style trends?

Paired a black and white striped blouse from Old Navy (I am fully aware it looks blue in photos – my camera is a trip) with a satin pleated skirt from Danier Leather and a pair of bright metallic stilettos from Call It Spring.  Accessorized with 3/4 length charcoal coat and Kate Spade NY classic black leather tote. I loved how professional and sleek it looked! IMG_8068 IMG_8073


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