“Oh social media – one of the century’s greatest blessings and curses….
While I am all for the growth and the development of the public sphere – we really need to exercise wisdom when contributing. (Unless of course you are okay with people thinking you are a moron) But really – these ill advised opinions and shallow explored thoughts need to stay just that – thoughts…
Let’s think before speaking – and here’s an idea, let’s consider the amount of people our contextless “status” will reach.”

I posted this a couple nights ago after reading countless statuses, articles and posts surrounding the Ferguson case. Altogether what I came to understand, was that I have some pretty ignorant people on my facebook. Not only in their views (which by right they are welcome to) but more so the lack of sensitivity and caution when addressing these heavier matters. While the public sphere – as defined by Habermas – is designed to be a democratic environment where everyone’s opinion has a platform – it seems to me that some do not know how to manage their platform with propriety. Now I know some would argue that the “mismanagement” of the public sphere is the very essence thereof, in that people should be able to decide how they choose to address and challenge the public environment; however there is something to be said about being down right insensitive. We know full well that Mike Brown was not entirely innocent that fatal day – but to assert that black people will forever be victimized and marginalized because of their “rachet” conduct is both irrelevant and a mass generalization.  While I do not condone or endorse the thug sub-culture of some African-American youth, their lifestyle and behaviours does not and should not result in their victimization.

In a world where everyone is trying to appear smarter than they are – I wish we would all just do our part to change the world we are living in. The reality is, this among other fundamental issues, are simply not going to be solved in your status post. I get it, you want to change the world – be the change.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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