Colour Died.

Okay, so as of late I have been obsessed with a number of things – blanket scarves – candles – home decor – and B L A C K.  Yes, that is correct black – and thus the title of this post. I suppose as the leaves have fallen and weather gets colder, I do away with some of the warm fall hues for all black everything… The last few posts and outfits I have put together have been all black – with maybe a pop of colour (simply to avoid looking satanic). Anyways, I actually don’t mind – where personal style is concerned, I am a firm believer in mood dressing. Okay, mood dressing isn’t actually a concept but it should be; what I mean by it is dressing however you feel. I have never been one to pre-plan outfits or sift through my closet weeks before a convention or special event. Now I understand packing may force you to be a tad more conscious where planning is concerned, but aside from that, I really just play around in my closet. That is my understanding of personal style – it should never be over thought, it is after all your style. Style should be a reflection of you and how you feel in that moment. Confession: sometimes I like to play dress-up in my closet but guess what, 9/10 I never end up wearing the looks I put together – simply because that’s how I was feeling then. 

I don’t know – call me crazy but as the great DVF would say “style should be effortless” 

IMG_7921 IMG_7922 IMG_7923 IMG_7924 IMG_7927

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