The BOLD & The Beautiful…

Hi Beauties,
This post is a tad overdue; these photos were taken last Sunday – it’s Sunday now…life. But I kept it simple and paired this black leather skirt with a black textured scuba top and a pair of wine patent pumps. As plain as it may appear – I think this outfit sums up my style quite well – never too flashy and always classy. Besides that, I am wearing two of my favourite colours – black – which is just a given and w i n e also commonly referred to as o x b l o o d if you keep up with the trendy under-culture of the young.
Last year during my mother’s wedding shower we played some ice breaker games and – we all had the task of describing the person to our right with a colour representation. A tad presumptuous when you don’t know everyone as much as you should – but a fun game nonetheless. The colour attributed to me was wine – a deep red confident colour. My girl described me as an individual who was not flashy or overbearing – yet a presence that was noticed. It was honestly so perfect. I have held onto that since then. This is how I want to be described in all aspects of my life. I may not be the brightest star in the room at all times – but I shine just bright enough to keep you wondering. Conceptually this example can be used in many different ways – especially where work and dedication are concerned. In a world of 6 0 seconds of fame – consistency and faithfulness are praised.
Just call me the silent wonder…

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