Okay,  so I have been a bit of a delinquent where the blog is concerned. Last week was incredibly busy – catching up with friends and family. My church celebrated “All Nations Sunday” which is an opportunity to celebrate and pay homage to all the various cultures we represent. Typically I rep my Jamaican culture proudly – while I was not born there my mother and family made sure that I experienced many of the cultural norms and ways. This year was different, just days after a soldier was shot at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada [five minutes from my work] I felt it was only right to represent my Canadian Heritage. Ottawa, the city formerly known to be ‘the city that fun forgot’ is typically quiet and easy going – when catastrophe struck it was remarkable to see how resilient and caring people can be in the midst of crisis.

I have never been more proud to say I AM CANADIAN.IMG_7782 IMG_7786 IMG_7820 IMG_7823g people were in the midst of crisis. 

I have never been prouder to say I AM CANADIAN

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