Hello Beauties,

It has been a little while since my last post for, well – a number of reasons. Reason 1- being – back to work equates to much less down time. On a more exciting front – 2- being the fact that I may be switching platforms! I have been debating it over the weekend and figure it would be best to do sooner rather than later. That said, I am hoping to be up and running again within the next two weeks.

Now this is not meant to be a long post – just a quick round-up of what’s been going on. After a week of being under the weather, it felt great to go out this weekend. I got together with some friends for our ritualized Pho-Season Phun! (I am corny – get over it) Despite the stereotypes regarding today’s  millennial youth – when we get together – our phones are nowhere to be found. It is beyond refreshing to actually connect with people – there is definitely something to be said of the energy present when people get together to express unrestrained thoughts or feelings. Something the coming generation of youth lose grasp of with each passing text – or shall I say “snapchat”. Are the kids still into that? I can’t keep up anymore… In any event – don’t be a lone wolf – connect with people – establish a sense of community – embrace free therapy.

Sunday was church – always a busy yet blessed day! I am involved with Sunday School, so I keep busy with the kiddies all morning, In the evening I get to enjoy the worship and service. One concept that dawned on me this past Sunday was that an encounter must be initiated by the individual. Sure, worship, and evangelical ministry serve to encourage this; but ultimately we must decide to reach deeper. Now believe me the message had nothing to do with this notion, but it was however, that message that prompted this thought. While the overall message held relevance – well… let’s just stop right there. Basically, what my slightly disengaged-self realized was that I cannot depend on a talented worship leader or even an influential speaker to escort me into the presence of God. I was reminded once more – an encounter with God is contingent on only one thing – the decision to actively pursue him.


Be encouraged!

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