falling for you…

Knits x Tights x Neutrals

It’s that time of year again – when once green leaves turn to fiery bursts of red and orange and bright pops of golden yellow – AUTUMN. As soon as I encounter my first nippy morning I am over eager to whip out my utility jacket and ankle booties. Summer is great – but I love my layers and crisp fall weather.
The ponchos, the scarves, the tights, the neutrals – I love it all!

Here are some of my fall favourites…

1. The September Issue
The largest issue of Vogue USA is synonymous with Fall Fashion Month- from New York to Paris the shows and collections are all but dull!

2. The Scenery
I live in the Ottawa Valley (Capital of Canada) and the region is infamous for it’s beautiful scenery as the landscape transforms. It’s great for nature hikes or bike rides along the Ottawa River.

3. The Fashion
Again, knits, tights, ponchos, wool, scarves, boots…. Need I say more?

4. The Fragrance
I know, it sounds odd – until you get your hands on a lovely smelling Autumn candle! I am candle obsessed –  and fragrance really helps to set my mood. There really is nothing like lighting a nice candle and curling up on the sofa after work with good read and a cup of tea! I picked this one up from Bath and Body Works – it smells amazing!

Okay Americans, settle down – I am from Canada and we have our Thanksgiving in October. Although – I suppose November is still considered Fall. Either way – I have a massive family and we all get together and have so much fun – and even more food! Can’t wait for the pumpkin pie this year!

So those are my top fall favourites – what do you love most about fall?

xxo Mara Rebekah

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