There is just something about monochrome…

This past Sunday was youth empowerment weekend at my church – we had a guest speaker come in from out of town and incredible services. Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am to be apart of such an amazing church!

On another note – so many times we try to masque ourselves to fit in or adapt to a group around us. Afraid of the idea of being alone we conform to the standards of others neglecting our own inklings or convictions. The reality is – our differences make us standout – and shine brighter. There is nothing worse than talking to someone who only says what they think you want them to say. I actually find differences with my loved ones so refreshing – because we all bring something different to the table. It would be a pretty lame dinner party if everyone brought the dinner rolls. 


So be different. Be a non-conformist. 

Actually scratch that – just be you, whatever that may mean. 

IMG_7371IMG_7370 IMG_7357 IMG_7368

xxo Mara Rebekah

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